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3:28pm 03-01-2018
geraldine sherwood
i lived in that old slum house on hill on moore street , you would be surprised how nice it looked inside some happy times there.....what a view...thanks for the memories ..geraldine sherwood
3:33pm 03-11-2016
Costas Halavrezos
Dear Mr MacEachern - May I reproduce your photo - with accreditation - of a rainy night in King Square (facing the Riviera & Nicholas Bros.) in a private newsletter. I'm mentioning that my father once worked for Nicholas Bros.
11:23am 12-14-2015
Marg Taylor
I'm the second lady you & your met at Market Sq tree last night. I shoot Nikon D7100. Your pictures are truly an inspiration for me & I hope to get there some day. I am working my 10-24 & "moving the feet zoom" it was a pleasure to meet you & I will get to Handworks this week. Enjoy your time in Saint John
2:15pm 12-09-2015
Brian Ballard
Is it possible to share the pictures on a face book group. North Enders Saint John
7:02pm 03-23-2015
patrick craig
I was raised on Moore Street and enjoy seeing MY OLD you know of any other pics available for viewing?
4:55pm 05-07-2014
Heather MacEachern
Hi Dad!