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12:21pm 06-26-2019
John Evans
I grew up at 50 High st. And my Uncle Holly Hanson had a bike shop on Rockland Road. Went to St Peters boys school. Sure brings back memory’s.
Thank you
8:32am 01-19-2019
Stacy KeladesStevens
Heart wrenching fotos of Saint John. My grandfather had property on St James St and are depicted in one of your pictures. Also, the flower lady used to live in my grandfather's rooming house on Charlotte St downtown. Ian, great fotos. My husband, Greg, is a graduate of Fanshawe College 1972. We live in Sussex NB
1:23am 01-19-2019
Tanya McCarthy
Your photos are amazing! Do you have any more pictures of Saint John? I grew up on Sydney street in the south end in the 1970s. You can see the edge of my house in one of your photos. It is the photo of the corner store near Queen square. I really enjoyed looking at all of your photos and would love to see more.
4:38pm 01-17-2019
Tina Kyle
Your photos are beautiful. Have you put them in a book if so I would love to buy them . I have 3 elders who would enjoy remembering the old days.
9:27am 01-17-2019
Karla Moore
Great pictures of the city!
3:28pm 03-01-2018
geraldine sherwood
i lived in that old slum house on hill on moore street , you would be surprised how nice it looked inside some happy times there.....what a view...thanks for the memories ..geraldine sherwood
3:33pm 03-11-2016
Costas Halavrezos
Dear Mr MacEachern - May I reproduce your photo - with accreditation - of a rainy night in King Square (facing the Riviera & Nicholas Bros.) in a private newsletter. I'm mentioning that my father once worked for Nicholas Bros.
11:23am 12-14-2015
Marg Taylor
I'm the second lady you & your met at Market Sq tree last night. I shoot Nikon D7100. Your pictures are truly an inspiration for me & I hope to get there some day. I am working my 10-24 & "moving the feet zoom" it was a pleasure to meet you & I will get to Handworks this week. Enjoy your time in Saint John
2:15pm 12-09-2015
Brian Ballard
Is it possible to share the pictures on a face book group. North Enders Saint John
7:02pm 03-23-2015
patrick craig
I was raised on Moore Street and enjoy seeing MY OLD you know of any other pics available for viewing?
4:55pm 05-07-2014
Heather MacEachern
Hi Dad!